My Personal Heimat
Kathrin Lemke – Saxophone
Niko Meinhold – Piano, Keyboards
Adam Pultz Melbye – Bass
Michael Griener – Drums

Bandfoto My Personal Heimat

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(br-broadcast with Mike Majkowski on bass, 5.10.2013)

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“A home is a place of residence or refuge. When it refers to a building, it is usually a place in which an individual or a family can live and store personal property.

“Home” is also used to refer to the geographical area in which a person grew up or feels they belong.

Sometimes, as an alternative to the definition of “home” as a physical locale (“Home is where you hang your hat”), home may be perceived to have no physical location, instead, home may relate to a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort. Popular sayings along these lines are “Home is where the heart is” or “You can never go home again”.”(Wikipedia)

“Heimat” – what does it mean exactly: with parents from Leipzig and Berlin, a childhood in Heidelberg, songs from the German Forest and from the Spanish Civil War (sung by Ernst Busch), with favorite songs from the charts by German comedian Loriot or Dutch musician Vader Abraham? Is there something like a clear definition of “home” or “Heimat”?

And how strong are these first musical impressions?

Saxophonist and composer Kathrin Lemke has found a lot of songs that fascinated her when she was a little child and still do.

She arranged them in her own way. With her new quartet she has developed an individual band-sound, creating a specail mood for each tune.

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