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More reviews in German here.

Heliocentric Counterblast’s CD “A Tribute to Sun Ra” got quite a lot of reviews and radio-features.

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Leipziger Volkszeitung

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik



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About Heliocentric Counterblast’s Concerts in March

„The eight musicians balance with sure-footed step along the middle-ground between imitation and frivolous folly. And they retain refreshingly individual profiles in the short solo features.” (Matthias Spindler, Mannheimer Morgen, 20.3.2012)

“Instead of simply copying Sun Ra’s compositions, the musicians are distinguished and high-profile enough to inject them with their own ideas, fantasy and spontaneity. The band swings like the devil and displays no lack of lusty, anarchic esprit. Cheery, light-footed themes keep the individual compositions in touch with reality; meanwhile the sounds and visions fly freely: in duos and trios, and in bright overblowing orgies.”

(Rainer Köhl, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 20.3.2012)

“The cacophony of global life, from the grunting of a herd of gnus and the crying of a newborn child to the lift-off of a rocket, seems to come together at a high altitude to form a magical accord. And so we fly at various heights with Sun Ra in his shuttle “Heliocentric Counterblast”. At times shaken up as in an asteroid belt, at others first thrown into a green crocodile swamp to be then catapulted out of a volcano accompanied by drunken elves.

One can imagine that this requires fantastic instrumentalists. Heliocentric Counterblast superbly accomplishes this feat, this trip in 80 beats around the world. Each musician masters many tongues from the angelic to glossolalia.”

(Michael Wüst, Kultur-Vollzug, 25.3.2012)

About “You Own The City?!”

“A strong statement rather than a relaxed handling of multilingualism, and an uncompromising playfulness are the noticeable characteristics of this music.”

Frankfurter Rundschau (Sep 2010)

“What Kathrin Lemke and her band JazzXclamation, has given us, is the sound of Berlin and the soundtrack of a new European Jazz-Metropolis. It comes right at us – quick, fresh, cutting and forward moving, reflecting the new openness of the city.”

Leipziger Volkszeitung (Sep 2010)

“The band spans a beautiful arc between song structure and a sort of “freedom of restraint”. With JazzXclamation, one can hear in their many years of playing together, the sound of a perfectly homogenized musical outfit.”

RBB (Sep 2010)

“On first impression rough and abrupt, Lemke’s musical Kaleidoscope then succeeds, with further listening to truly reflect life in the capital city, with all its pleasures and stresses. If one dares to take a look under the surface, then we recognize both the class and quality of the Saxophonist’s improvisation. When explosive free passages are refined to become blurred together with finely defined melodies, the result immediately sounds wholly sensitive, emotional and smooth.”

Jazzthing (Nov – Dec 2010)

“Tough, crude, sure of itself, and above all rather off-kilter – such is the highly expressive playing of Alto-Saxophonist Kathrin Lemke and her band JazzXclamation… an intoxicating album, in which we witness a fast, agitated, nervous rush, that swings, rocks, grooves and crashes. Never boring for one second!” Mannheimer Morgen (Nov 2010)

“This release arrives amid the present moment… an adventure playground, of a record through which things are driven to a head. While being open minded, the playing displays discipline and conciseness, and there exists a playful joy in the desire to depart from standard instrumentals.”

Jazzpodium (Nov 2010)

“This music appears seemingly naive, jiving and coaxing the ear before going on to hook itself roughly in the mind like a rawlplug. JazzXclamation are still one of the most grossly under recognised bands. This will soon change.”

Jazzthetik (Nov 2010 – Jan 2011)

“On the offbeat side, interesting and creative music from reed player and composer Kathrin Lemke is offered on „You Own The City?!“. A spirit of youthful exuberance, characterized by Lemke as “Jazzxclamation,” or inspiration from numerous sources including “the strange species known as ‘the Berliner,’” pervades the well- performed music from the Dolphy-esque Lemke and her quartet, joined in some selections by noted saxophonist Schubert.”

Cadence (Sep 2011)