October 2015

We played a nice concert at Jazzinstitut Darmstadt! No link to the review (as it is in German), but one to the nice photos made by Frank Schindelbeck.

September 2015

Mixes of My Personal Heimat’s new CD are ready! We will have one last concert for this year at Jazzinstitut Damstadt.

July 2015

With my quartet we just went to the studio and recorded ‘My Personal Heimat’. We will do the mixes in August – and then I’m really looking forward to play a lot of concerts with these wonderful musicians!!

May 2015

After a longer break there will be concerts again! We will play our first concert with Les Femmes Futürres, featuring Edith Steyer, Adam Pultz Melbye, Michael Griener and myself, of course.

And there will be a big Sun Ra Birthday Special with my favorite Sun Ra duo Mascadian Space Equation, Heliocentric counterblast and DJ Leo Kaufmann. Get yourself a silver hat and drop by!

February 2015

HELIOCETRIC COUNTERBLAST’s new CD “Planetary Tunes” got some nice reviews – mostly in German, but at least this one in English.

Because of health problems there are no concerts at the moment. But it will start in May again.

(Meanwhile you can send me some energy, if you like.)

Here you can listen to the live recordings with Sabir Mateen (and Horst Nonnenmacher, Christian Marien and me) and the br-broadcast of “My Personal Heimat” at Jazzstudio Nürnberg and some HELIOCENTRIC COUNTERBLAST:

HELIOCENTRIC COUNTERBLAST’s new CD is ready and will be released by Enja Yellowbird in January 2015:

Heliocentric Counterblast - Planetary Tunes

You can order it already now:  helio@kathrinlemke.de

HELIOCENTRIC COUNTERBLAST will play another three concerts this year. In 2015 there will be a relase-tour.

Booking: —

First interview about the new CD (unfortunately the journalist was eaten up by the aliens at the end):